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We believe that,  no matter the label that one uses, there are no specific rules or sets of parameters that relate to the homeschooling experience. Other than meeting specific legal requirements (which vary by jurisdiction and, sometimes by interpretation), families are free to create the optimum learning experience for themselves and their children, which is one of the joys of the home-based learning experience. (Read more about legalities.)

We recognize that home-educating families have a wide variety of philosophies, beliefs systems and political stances. However, we believe that the foundation of home-based learning is that children  can and should be in control of their own learning - as they are when they learn to walk and talk - because that is the only way real learning happens. We believe that children are natural learners, and can be trusted with decisions that our culture often deems not to be within their capabilities. We believe  in children's rights and we do not believe in coercion. (Read more about natural learning.) However, we also believe that parents have an important role in their children's education, one that involves guidance, inspiration, facilitation, trust, and respect.

We do not offer legal advice to families who are dealing with school authorities. We have attempted to provide links to pertinent sections of provincial/territorial government websites and, where available, to home-based learning organizations who may be able to help with legalities.

The site will always be a work in progress, so bookmark it and return often. And please contact us if you know of Canadian home-based learning resources and provincial groups and websites that are not listed here.